@ @digiXtudio @is a new space created by Daniel Lu,

An amateur photographer who often suffers from troublesome

installation of a small photo environment. Although some related

tools can be bought from professional photo shops.

however , their prices are really expensive and other possible options are

all too poorly designed for this idealist.

Daniel always asks himself :

" For more and more digital camera users, no matter at home or in office,

Is there a better and simpler lighting solution/equipments

that is more affordable for them ?"

Yes, there is !
The digi
Xtudio can do the magic !

1. High quality lighting for professional quality Image.

2. Easy installation in one minute.

3. Easily portable.

4. Minimal size, as small as a traveler's bag.

5. Lower cost than ever.

digiXtudio  makes digital photo easier !